Asset Management

"Track your Assets"

Asset Stock Management

Every organization has multiple fixed and consumable assets. Tracking these assets becomes more and more difficult. The organizations cost of underutilized, mismanaged or misplaced assets are increasing on day to day basis.Protea's Asset Management provides a complete view of an Assets lifecycle - from its indent to disposal. Simplify the hassle of managing the assets with Protea Asset Management application.

Easy Configurable Options.

With newer technology and gadgets gaining popularity, it is the need of the Organization to equip their employees with the same. It is a nightmare for most of the HRs to maintain a record of the assets. Protea Asset management focuses on maintaining a complete lifecycle of an asset in an organization.

  •   Fixed/Consumable Assets
  •   Dispose unusable Assets
  •   Request and assign Assets
  •   Return and Reuse Assets
  •   Return and Reuse Assets
  •   Return and Reuse Assets

Asset Request Policy

New Assets are regularly needed by the employees. Get the exact information about the Asset from the employee using New Asset Request. Follow the complete asset procurement process right from request to purchase and asset assignment to the requestor.

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