Travel Management

"Travel-Desk Made easy"
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Employee Travel Movement

Experience a seamless flow from travel request to claim reimbursement. Employee can plan his own travel and get it approved from his manager. HR can use the approved request to create a travel itinerary. Employee will be updated with the final itinerary. Employee can travel worry free and once the work is completed can return back to office to claim all the travel bills. The HR / Finance will pay and settle the claims.

Why choose Us?

Travel Policy

The Travel policy can be defined as per the Organization’s norms. For an employee to enter the Travel, authentication is required. After authentication, the employee is served his meal by the Travel Contractor. A real time count of the number of dishes served to employees can be viewed. The payment to the Travel contractor is made only after verification of the count.

Easy Configurable Options.

Travel expenses amount to almost 15% of the total company expenditure. In spite of this, travel administration is extremely unorganized. Protea has introduced a Travel Management Software which considers all practical situations for an Admin Travel Desk.

  •   Realtime Travel Desk Dashboard
  •   Advance Payment
  •   Annual Company Travel budget
  •   Travel Claims
  •   Monthly Company-Department Budget
  •   Travel Reimbursement
  •   Multiple Vendor Management
  •   Track Travel History
  •   Plan and intimate Travel Desk
  •   Approval as per defined Workflow
  •   Itinerary creation
  •   Itinerary creation

Claims and Reimbursement

The most tedious work for an employee is to claim for travel reimbursement. By using Protea Travel management the employee's most of the data required for claim is already filled in the travel request. The same details can be ported while creating the claim. The claim will be submitted online on the portal with few clicks. Once the Claims are approved, the same will be automatically sent to finance for reimbursement.

Travel Desk officer Dashboard

With Protea Travel Management has a simple dashboard where he can prioritise the travel bookings. The admin will also be able to send booking requests the defined vendor, making sure that he gets best service and price. Admin will receive the reminders and notifications on the dashboard. Protea Travel Management will make the entire travel management simple and easy for Travel Desk Admin.

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