Timesheet Management

"Track Employee Time Utilization"

Easy Configurable Options.

Timesheet Management is a practice of monitoring and analyzing employee timesheets and time tracking (recorded work hours).

  •  Define Projects
  •   Add and Prioritize Activities
  •  Project Documentation
  •   Maintain Document Versions
  •  Track Work Done
  •   Measure Resource time
  •   Generate Project-wise Invoice
  •   Resource total working hours
  •   Integrated with Time & Attendance

Many organizations providing services to their clients need to calculate the effort added by the employee for a particular project/client. This helps the organization to understand the billed amount against of efforts added. Protea Time Sheet Management will help you to add multiple projects to the system. You can assign more than 1 project to employees.
Managers can add tasks and related documents in Protea Time Sheet Management, and assign them to the employees working on those projects. Managers can also assign tasks other than the project. Managers and employees can upload the relevant documents about the task and also create versions in case of change.
Employees can update the task status with hours invested in the task and turn in the project. Managers / HR can get a report informing about the total hours added by all the employees working on each project and can accordingly invoice it to the customer.
With Protea Time Sheet Management streamline and validate the employee hours invested in the project.

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