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Hardware Technology

Are you planning to Buy / Upgrade your Biometric Machines ? Wait don’t forget to check below technologies while procurement

Facility of Live Finger Technology and Identifying Fake finger

Live Finger Technology

Finger Technology Image

Fake finger

Fake finger Image






Real Time with Push Technology

In this Data can flow Bi-directional from various Terminal to the Central Server on Real Time basis using Internet or Intranet Network facility of the Organization.

Biometric machine Image

Biometric machine Image

Log Management Software

Below functionality is recommended for Central Management Software

Prevent manipulation of Work Hours

Manage Multiple Terminal Registration, Terminal Setting , Terminal Access control , Terminal Data on Central Server using IP based Network technology.

Necessary permissions for parental controlling

Terminal Network with Hybrid environment

Network and Terminal Setup with Hybrid environment of supporting Multiple Terminal,Locations,Different Models of Terminals,Access control on Single platform for easy mangeability

Network and Terminal Setup Image

Face Detection Image

Face Detection Technology

Face Terminal should have following key points

Tilt Camera which automatically adjust as per human height

LED and camera enable Face Recognition in the dark

Machine with Face,Biometric & Card Authentication facility

Behaviour of the Terminal when exposed to Sunlight.

IP65 Enclosure

IP rated as "dust tight" and protected against water projected from a nozzle

Such Terminal enclosure protects them when installed in external environment.

IP65 Biometric machine Image

Commonly used Card format in Terminal

Proximity Card Image

125Khz Proximity

Proximity card has microchip embedded within and has only one function,to provide the Proximity card reader with the card’s identification number so that it can be verified. Many Access control systems only read the identification numbers and do not require the available memory that is present in a smart card.

Mifare card / 13.56 Mhz Smart card

MIFARE Cards can provide identification, authentication, and store information on the card because of the microchip and memory which is embedded within the MF card. These cards are very durable and designed to keep sensitive information safe. It’s also an RFID card because of its frequency of 13.56 KHz. The frequency of a MIFARE card is 13.56 Mhz.A MIFARE card has memory of 1KB / 4KB for storing values and can be programmed with multiple credentials, which adds an extra “handshake” between the card reader and the software. The memory within the MIFARE card can also be programmed for use in various application such as Cash , Pre-paid Membership, Canteen Meal counts , Transportation etc.

Mifare card Image

HID Proximity Image

HID Proximity

As Proximity card both has got similar functionality apart from the HID Proximity card technology is developed by HID Global Corporation.

HID iClass

As Mifare card both has got similar functionality apart from the HID iClass Smart card technology is developed by HID Global Corporation.

HID iClass Image

Few more points you need to keep ready before you approach OEM

Total Number of Employees to be registered on Terminal.

If Multi location how many employees to be registered on each Terminal

Time take to register per Employee for Biometric is normally < 2 Sec hence you need to plan number of Terminal to be purchased as per thumb rule see below

1 Emp. Authentication = 2 Sec / In 1 Min = 30 Emp. Authentication

10 Minutes = 300 Emp. Authentication

1000 Employees = 4 Terminal are required if you want to clear in 10 Min Max. (It will change as per company policy)

Select the Right OEM which has got history of Supporting forward and Backward integration of their own products i.e. it should support older Models along with Newer ones which will save Resource, Time & Cost.

Discuss current challenges so that you can get right advice from the OEM suiting your company requirements.