"Automated Reports and Notifications"

Easy Configurable Options.

Protea Scheduler will give you the power to automate and receive the reports, notifications on timely basis without manual intervention.

  •   Scheduled SMS and Emails
  •   User-defined Email Templates
  •   User-defined SMS Templates
  •   Event based Notifications
  •   Add / Edit / Delete Notifications
  •   Send Reports to Individual/Teams
  •   Audit Logs
  •   Reports in PDF/Excel format
  •   Restrict Notifications to few employees

Every manager and reporting head needs timely reports to check the historical data and take business decisions. Protea's Scheduler helps the HR and Admin to schedule required reports and make sure that they reach the managers on time. With this, the admin can also set the scheduler to receive notifications as soon as the data is added, modified or deleted from the application. HR can set the scheduler to receive Absent data on daily basis helping HR to streamline the attendance process in the organization. These schedules can be set as follows:

Daily | Weekly | Monthly | Quarterly | Half Yearly | Yearly | Custom time frame

The HR and Admin can set custom messages to be sent in the mail so that the employees/managers can get the purpose of the scheduled emails. The scheduler also has the capability of sending SMS as per the requirement of the organization.Wite Prote's Scheduler stay upraised about the current data in the application.

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