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Seat Booking Request

In Protea Office Desk Management, organizations can decide whether they want the employee to book their seat directly or as soon as the employee books the seat, a request should be generated for the manager's approval. Once an employee adds the seat booking request for single / multiple days, a notification is sent to the approver, once approved employee can come to Office and authorize himself using a Face Authentication device or by QR Code authentication.
The HR will also get the report of booked employees' visa vis present employees. has context menu

Office Desk Seat Booking Type

Protea provides a facility to book seats in multiple ways as follows:-
Auto Seat allocation:The employee can come to office, get his QR code verified, and if the seat is available his seat will be automatically booked.
Realtime Seat Booking:Employee can book his seat for todays shift from the portal
Request based allocation:An employee can raise a seat booking request which will be approved by the manager
Department wise seat booking:Departmental head can book his own and his teams seat in advance.
Seat Cancellation:Employee can cancel his seat so that the same is available for some other employee to book.

Easy Configurable Options.

Covid 19 has impacted a change in the employee working locations. Most of the employees prefer to work from home and come to office as and when required.Protea Office Desk Management helps the organization to manage such requirements.

  •   Auto and Manual Rostering
  •   Min. Office Working Days
  •   Upload Actual Floor Plan
  •   Distinguish Unavailable Seats
  •   Employee Seat Booking Request
  •   Realtime Seat Booking
  •   Planned vs Actual MIS
  •   Face/QR Code Authentication
  •   Restrict Unplanned Employee

Seat Booking as per Office Plan

In Protea Office desk management the admin will be able to upload existing plan of the office. Admin can denote seats in the plan and give them seat numbers.This will help the employee to identify the office layout and book the seat as required.

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