Employee Management

"Comprehensive Employee Data Management"

Easy Configurable Options.

Protea Employee module will help you to capture all the relevant data of an employee. You can easily upload and view their documents at any given point.

  •   Simple Enrolment process
  •   Personal Data
  •   Statutory data
  •   Education / Experience details
  •   3rd Party Verification
  •   Employee Document Management
  •   Import-Export Employees
  •   Employee Suspension
  •   AD integration with SSO

The employee is a very important asset for any organization. Keeping the data of Employees updated for past and future references is important for HR. Protea Employee Module provides HR a facility to maintain all the data including important documents in the application. HR can easily sort, filter, and search the data and download the documents when required.
Protea Employee Module provides a facility to HR where HR can maintain the Employee's interdepartmental changes and designation changes with effective dates. HR can also send Memos to the employee in case of disciplinary actions or performance issues which will be maintained for future reference.
In Protea HR can appreciate the employees by declaring department-wise Employee of the Month and uploading the employee's achievement with images.
Protea’s Employee Module is a comprehensive solution for maintaining Employee’s current and historical data.

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