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Leave Types

Along with industry standard leave types, you have the facility to Add/Modify your leave types as per the company norms. You can apply different leave types to employees along the organization’s hierarchy.

Organizational Leave Lifecycle

At the beginning of every leave year, the leave balances for every employee is automatically renewed. When an employee wishes to avail his leaves, he has a range of standard and configured leave types to select from. Once the leave application is made, the leave generation mechanism categorises it into the applicable leave category. At the end of every leave year, the employee has multiple options to manage his unused leaves.

Protea leave-management Image

Protea leave-management Image

Employee Leave Lifecycle

The Leave lifecycle can be determined differently for existing or new employees. The employee can apply for leaves based on the available balance. This application can be made via the web application/ mobile app. Once the application is submitted, the approval process begins. You will also have an option to cancel the application once it is submitted. Approval/ Rejection of a leave can be workflow based or automatic. Leave approval processes can be configured for selective leave types.

Leave Management Software

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