Courier Management

"Channelizing Packages"

Courier entry Process

Employees spend most of their time in office. Many of their personal and official couriers are delivered in the office. It becomes very important for the organization to maintain and deliver these important couriers to their rightful owner. Protea Courier management application helps you to manage the entire courier inward and outward in the organization.

Easy Configurable Options.

Critical documents are very important to be delivered to the right people. Protea Courier Management will help in making the document tansfer easy.

Courier Management
  •   Easy Tracking of Packages
  •   Manage Inward Outward Package Movement
  •   Fast & accurate reconciliation of Courier bills

Courier Outward Process

It is important to know the status of important courier of the organization. Who has sent the courier, who is the courier vendor and to whom it has been sent to is a very important part of managing the courier. The current status of the courier is maintained in the application.

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