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If a company pays or recovers any differential amount of previous months in current salary month, that amount is called Arrears. There are different types of Arrears :-

  • LOP Arrears: When the company deducts extra amount than the actual payable amount.
  • Increment Arrears :Company pays pending Increment of previous months in current salary month.
  • Lumpsum Arrears : If company need to pay any pending Incentive.
  • In Protea you can easily and accurately manage Arrears, Generate Arrear Pay Slips, Manage Statutory amount, Create Supplementary PF,ESI & PT filling and can be considered for Tax calculations and TDS return filling. .

Easy Configurable Options.

Every company has multiple visitors flowing in and out daily. Visitor’s safety and accessibility to appropriate areas is essential. Visitor Management helps Organizations to track the complete visitor movement in an organization.

  •   Multiple Pay Slip Formats
  •   Configurable Salary Structures
  •   Statutory Reports
  •   Reminders & Notifications
  •  Employee Investment Declaration
  •   Bank Statements
  •   Integrated with TA ,Leave,Canteen
  •   TDS Management
  •   Bulk Import – Export feature


Organization Pay advance to Employee as per there approved Request either as a part of salary or separate amount. Advances can be recovered from Employee either as Lumpsum amount as per agreed duration or it can be recovered in Installments every month from salary. Company can provide flexibility to modify payment recovery terms as per mutual understanding.
In Protea you can get instant reports on Advance paid, Recovered , Balance recovery at any given point employee wise.


Bonus are rewards which are paid to the Employees in addition to there salaries for there dedication towards the company and work. Bonus can be calculated based on different formula’s as per the company’s policy. Calculated bonus amount can be manually edited if required. Bonus can be calculated & paid for defined period based on employees eligibility. You can also define cap for Maximum bonus disbursement. Bonus are paid as part of Salary or as a separate remuneration. In Protea you can get Bonus Payslips, Bonus Register & Bonus Form C.

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